“the way I looked at it, the money was better off in my pocket”

Jonah Hill (far right) is Donnie Azoff in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, from Paramount Pictures and Red Granite Pictures. TWOWS-06255_CROPOh yeah, The Wolf of Wall Street is coming to roam the streets of The Hague. 180 minutes of “sensational entertainment. This $100 million extravaganza is – let’s face it – rampantly over the top. Hell, it’s by Martin Scorsese, who is always over the top.”

Why come and see it?

“As hot and wet as freshly butchered meat: every second, every frame of its three-hour running time is virile with a lifetime’s accumulated genius.”

“DiCaprio’s swaggering, swinging-dick performance is the wildest damn thing he’s ever put onscreen.”

“incredibly, incredibly funny.

That’s why

Howl more…

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