Job Swapping on Friday the 13th

Stroom Den Haag’s Uncertainty Seminars: Other Than Art’s Sake teases out the multiform positions that artists may inhabit and in what ways other domains seek refuge under the wide umbrella of arts. How can we learn from different practices, like activism, branding or journalism? And how may the experimental, empathic exchange and non-linear thinking from art practices, be applied in society?

On Friday September 13 (Stroom Den Haag) Céline Berger, Martijntje Hallmann and Jacco van Uden will reflect on a full month ‘job swap’ that took place in 2017: Mercedes Azpilicueta took on the position as head of a research group on change management, while Jacco van Uden took over Mercedes’ work as a visual and performance artist. 

The aim of this exchange was to explore how art and organization relate to each other. Investigating and questioning the preconceptions of the worlds we work in – the world of ‘the other’ as well as one’s own world. In a style that mirrors the capricious nature of the job swap itself, the short film Since we are here (2019) made in collaboration with Céline Berger, reflects on experiences that are as much individual as they are universal: feeling estranged, adjusting to new spaces, and finding new areas for action.

The film is on view at Stroom’s entrance space throughout the weekend. On Friday evening Jacco van Uden, Céline Berger and Martijntje Hallmann share their thoughts on the project.

Please join us!

Find out EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW on the Uncertainty Seminars

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