May 8: Art meets Science (Amsterdam, 7.30 PM)

The Future of Art and Science Collaborations – double lecture by Jens Hauser and Frank Theys. How do we know what we know – the possible role of art in science (and science in art ?)

This evening will be the cofuture art sciencencluding event of The Future of Art and Science Collaborations, a project started in the Fall of 2013, set out to investigate the collaborative aspects of the interactions between the arts and sciences.

Apart from the two lectures by Frank Theys and Jens Hauser, a publication will be announced as a result from the lengthy series of workshops and events. The publication will complement the presentations of Theys and Hauser in the sense that it focuses on the collaboration itself, focusing on what works and what doesn’t in art and science collaborations.

Dr. Jacco van Uden, Lector Change Management at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and Lucas Evers of Waag Society, will host the evening.

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