PostGrowthStartUp BootCamp (December 2)

On December 2, we are co-hosting a design session for a boot camp for post-growth entrepreneurs. Come & join us in The Hague!

A growing number of entrepreneurs wants to do business in a way that is different from how ‘good business’ is normally seen and promoted: find money, scale up, and make a profitable exit. Many of these (social) entrepreneurs are interested in so-called Post Growth Entrepreneurship (PGE). But what is PGE, and how do you make it work? As part of spreading practical knowledge about PGE, Nonprofit Ventures will be running a Startup Bootcamp next Spring. The design of the bootcamp is well on its way, and we are more than happy to share our ideas. In the workshop we explore what it means to be a post-growth entrepreneur. We will outline the 5 key themes of the bootcamp and the objective of each. We will briefly describe the bootcamp ingredients that fall under each of these themes. But we are also going to pick your brain! What comes to mind as we describe the PGE and the PGE-bootcamp? What would you change, add or take out? How can we create a rewarding and sustainable experience for the bootcamp participants? Come and share your thoughts!

The workshop is part of the 2nd International Forum on CSR, Sustainability and Circular Economy. More information and sign-up HERE

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